WINGS was formed in June 1998 by the residents of Diseworth concerned over indiscriminate commercial developments, which threaten the quality of life and environment of local communities
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MAY 2006

1.    WINGS is an organisation representing the views and interests of over 500 residents around Nottingham East Midlands Airport. The organisation has as its main interest safe-guarding the health, welfare, and environment of its members.

2.    In this summary of the WINGS response to NEMA’s Draft Master Plan (dMP) we are mindful that the Plan is published three years after the Air Transport White Paper (ATWP) and that the Government will review the White Paper in 2006.

3.    We would argue that NEMA’s development proposals have to be considered against the current national debate about the impact that aviation is having on climate change and the failure of the Government to meet it’s own targets for CO2 emissions set for 2010.  CO2 emissions are getting worse.

4.    The Government support the growth of air freight operations at NEMA but any increase should be accompanied by ‘stringent’ controls of night noise. These should be set locally. To date there is no agreement on such controls with local people or local authority. The latter is still pursuing ‘designation’ of the Airport.

5.    WINGS argue that the proposed increase in Air Traffic Movements outlined in the dMP is untenable without an agreed plan to control night noise.

6.    WINGS points out that the dMP does not accommodate any community existing south of the A453 within its noise mitigation scheme.

7.    It also shows that the dMP avoids reference to EU Directive 2002/49/EC, which the UK Government intends to implement. This introduces the Lden (Level Day Evening and Night Index) which weights sound levels by 5db over evening and 10db over night periods. Under this new system a number of residents in Diseworth, for example, who apparently as outlined in the dMP do not qualify for noise mitigation grants, could apply for them.

8.    NEMA’s dMP avoids making direct reference to pollutants that are emitted by aircraft engines.

9.    The ATWP and by extension the dMP takes no account of the acceleration in global warming or the increase in the price of oil and yet there is a persistence on the discredited ‘predict and provide’ method of planning over the demand management model. WINGS argue that this is no basis for a development plan for the Airport.

10.                       The dMP refers to plans for a ‘small’ extension of the runway. WINGS illustrates the history of the development of the runway and demonstrates the significant impact that the runway extension will make. People should be aware that this would create the fourth longest runway in the country with the capacity to accommodate the world’s largest aircraft through day and night hours. None of this is mentioned in the dMP.

11.                       WINGS refutes the need for a second runway at NEMA on the basis that Gatwick handles more traffic today with one runway and night controls, than the projections at NEMA for 2030. More importantly a second runway will bring destruction of communities and environment.

12.                       WINGS refutes the need to spread development outside the Airport’s current boundary after 2016.

13.                       WINGS supports North West Leicestershire District Council in both rejection of a second runway after 2016 and Airport development south of the A453 as given in statements in the dMP. The District Council and WINGS wish such statements to be removed completely from the Plan.

14.                       WINGS criticises the whole style of the dMP. It is clearly self-promoting and strongly markets growth of the express freight business at the Airport. This leads to carefully selected topics and unsubstantiated and sometimes exaggerated claims. The document is designed to emphasise the positive whilst ignoring or relegating the negative aspects of developing the Airport to the point of just minor irritations.

15.                       WINGS is also critical of the way in which bare results of a MORI poll are used to convince the public that the Airport has strong support. As presented the results are meaningless and throw doubt on many of the claims made in the dMP.

16.            WINGS suggests the following for the final draft of NEMA’s dMP:














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