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"Diseworth Dialogue Archive"

The 'Diseworth Dialogue' is a monthly magazine containing information on events and issues involving the people of Diseworth.

Details of our committee meetings can be found in the diary section of the magazine.

We extend an open invitation to members of the village to come to our meetings.


Please let us have your items for publication (this includes advertising) by the 7th of the month for the following monthís issue. Remember that we produce 2 double issues (July/August and December/ January). All contributions will be considered for publication. They can be delivered to any committee member or emailed to admin@airnig.co.uk and to sue@cbrompton.fsnet.co.uk or via our village web site at http://www.diseworth.org

Contributions for our dispatches page are most welcome. Share your news with the village - birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, congratulations etc. When contributing, please include your name. We do need your name, but we wonít publish it if thatís your wish. If youíre a child, our readers appreciate seeing your age too!


Advertisements in our Yellow Pages can be placed yearly or monthly according to your needs. Please contact Victoria Britton, 01332 850184 for details.


Any views or opinions expressed within the pages of the Diseworth Dialogue are not

necessarily those of the Editorial Team or Committee. All advertisements are accepted in good faith.


We aim to be able to deliver one copy of the Diseworth Dialogue to each household in Diseworth. Our objective is to fund production through advertising, fund raising and voluntary contributions. We aim to deliver a quality publication which enriches village life and encourages such voluntary contributions, these we invite annually. Additional copies are available for purchase at 50p. If you know somebody living outside the village who would like to have a copy mailed on a subscription basis, please let us know. Mail subscription is £10 per year, including postage.


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